I i’m here with cindy Lyle’s we put her  on tankless in I in February and we’re  basically going through what she gets as  a result of doing the tankless in 2013  so the first thing that we want to do is  go over at the three hundred dollar tax  credit she put in an NRC on 98.

So she gets a federal three hundred dollar tax  credit for that and then um she donated  her water heater ing you weren’t having  any problems with your water heater at  the time we were having that trouble we just wanted to upgrade to tankless okay  and so basically she just wanted to upgrade tankless she had a 50 gallon  water heater and so the way it’s done isthe licensed plumber is going to make a  judgment as to what the usable life what  is for the tankless water heater for the tank water heater yeah and so she has a  tax credit here of 675 dollars because  as you see with the GE appliance  donation center she’s got a st. Vincent  de Paul donation here of 675 dollars so  she got 975 dollars in tax credits for  2013 I’m Cindy how is the tankless been  for you is it is it working well or you  know what all have you it’s work great  hasn’t failed once we’ve had power  outages different things and it has  worked fun through everything have you  had to do anything that’s great and then  as far as you’ve had your endless hot water and given the other thing.

I went  to ask you we have a lot of people at  the home show concerned about putting a  unit out in the outside has there been  any negative effects of having it  outside no no I mean visit like you said  it was installed in February and it’s  been cold it’s been hot it’s does not  seem to have affected the water coming  in the house at all my frozen if head  buyer right that’s great okay well thank  you very much all right right okay are  we good is it is it  a coup so I’m cure with Cindy lyles and  master licensed plumber Emma cruiser and  we did not get that unit until it was I  know I didn’t pick it up until about 2  30 this afternoon.

So I’m the there was a  big old tank right here and Emmett can  you just run through first we’ll just  ask the homeowner first show that how  longs it take to get the tank was  installed Oh a couple hours not long  okay and how long were you without hot  water no not long maybe 20-30 minutes  not long okay and then I just want to  ask you about comparable estimates on  the job which your best guess about how  much you saved go in with Atlanta  timeless Oh easily two to three thousand  dollars right okay and I’m you know just  basically how would you rate his work as  far as the joints and everything being  done appropriate it looks great is  everything that we discussed and  everything is where it should be and so  far looks great arrived dunt I’m do busy  supposed to do yep absolutely i got  everything down so very good how did you  read his work since it’s working a 10  okay there you go ours nice and hot and  that’s what’s important there you go  okay in it thanks so much city your.

Cost of Tankless Water Heaters Reduced by 2013 Tax Credits

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