Dating should open up all the known and unknown alleys leading to a close association; this requires the twosome involved in it to conduct them in a specific manner. Dating protocol requires you to be,
– Polite, refined and gracious (Do appreciate, instead of censuring and never foul mouth, never lie)
– Attired in a respectable way and smell well
– Pre-occupied with your date, not allowing your gaze to budge
– Always punctual
– A valuable listener (especially if you are a man) but women too should talk less; never discuss politics and religion

Decorum states that smoking and drinking is a strict ‘no-no’ in dating (unless and until both of you share likings for them). Never try to impress your date with your purse; let your good manners and intellect do that for you. (However, if you are a man you should always settle the bills in advance).

Etiquette in Dating

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