Are you anticipated an upcoming speed biker dating sites event that a friend asked you to join or you decided to experience for yourself? Here’s some helpful advice on what to expect and how to get the most of the night without any regrets.

Arrive Early

While arriving an hour is a bit too early, why not head in at least fifteen minutes early to register, have a few drinks and scope out the place to get yourself comfortable. Being prepared will help you build confidence and allow you to shine throughout the entire night.

Use a Nickname

Many speed dating events don’t require you to write out your full name, so make use of a nickname or a fake name to help protect your privacy and ward off any potential stalkers. Be sure to include your nickname and real name to help the coordinators pinpoint who you are, if you have a match.

Invite a friend, or two

Speed dating doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone. You could invite a friend of either sex and make the event an enjoyable night. This will allow you to re-group, share progress and relax knowing that you’re not alone in a crowded room. In some cases, they may end up becoming a match you least expected.

Get comfortable

Take advantage of speed dating and use this time to build up your confidence and social skills to meet new people. Most events provide some conversation starters or questions to help ward off the awkward tension.

Ask creative questions

Skip all the questions that involve a simple yes or no answer and ask questions like “if you were stranded on a boat, what are three things you would bring with you?” Ask fun issues to get a better look at your potential match.


Be sure to look your best and look like you made an effort for the night. Be genuine and avoid the negativity. Use this time to enjoy yourself and find out what you’re looking for in a partner.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Speed Dating Event

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