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It’s true that it’s faint, and the 09 models are simple.

It’s true that it’s faint, and the 09 models are simple.


Tiida this car, I remember that on April 20, 2005, the sedan of the sedan was first listed. For so many years, I have been feeling pretty good about this car. I opened the 1.6T manual and opened it for more than two years. I don’t want
this one to be the 09 model. The earliest model after the small change is about to be listed at the end of 2008, and the front and rear lights and wheels are a little different.
1.6 manual gear, the configuration is not high, there are aluminum ring, reversing radar, nothing else will be lost ~
this car is actually not mine, but for a while, a little feeling, flip the phone to the picture today is simple Hey~


At this time, I think that I think the price/performance ratio is quite outstanding. The space, economy and overall performance are excellent at the price level he is in.
The most prominent is the rear vertical space and seat comfort, which is still excellent today. The space of the 2600 wheelbase creates a sense of space even more than that of the day. Of course, the lateral width of the 1700 is somewhat stretched. At the time, the car was actually thicker than its descendant Toyo. This car used a wrench with the front seat adjustment on the side of the bar. Coping, it seems that there are no drawbacks, but the models designed so far have been few, even its descendants have changed back. Seat comfort and Scorpio are incomparable, but in the same grades, it is also the name of the big sofa that is not insulting. The
economy is also an important feature and selling point of the company. 1.6 HR16DE engine, the torque is good under normal driving conditions, the driving is very brisk, the common speed noise is also very reasonable, the reliability is very good after so many years of observation, not very picky on the oil ~ Of course, not perfect: The high rotational force level is still weak, obviously not as high as the noise is so radical ~
other, this car is light and clever, the steering wheel, throttle, brakes, clutch are very light, the suspension is actually quite tough, feels better than me Taiwan’s new 1.6T seems to have a better overall feeling, quite Q bomb ~

Nissan is still a legal production – the
trunk space is actually still in the same level, forgot to shoot. .
The back seat has also forgotten.
Oh, I don’t know the taillights. I prefer the feeling of the 06. This 09 model is not too big.

The design of the control is pretty good, the color is also good ~
the storage unit above the storage unit, I especially like the
fact that this set of interiors and the matching of beige and wood is also very flattering, different styles, quite On the comfort
map, you can see the handle of the seat adjustment mentioned above~
This is a low-profile, no automatic air conditioner, no keyless entry, no sunroof, but the workmanship and atmosphere are very comfortable.



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