Thanks to the modern technology, love can now also happen because of modern technology. We are not yet at the phase were we are able to create a holographic image of another person. If we did though, it does seem creepy. The love I am talking about thanks to technology is due to the internet.

Because of online dating sites and chatting software such as ICQ, MIRC, and MSN lots of people are able to connect with one another. Whether you may be from Durkidurkistan and the other person is from Papua New Guinea, you may find love possible. This is because of the communication that the internet is able to provide.

People always say that communication is the start of relationships. That’s what this internet chatting software provides. However this communication through the internet should not really be the basis why both people claim to have fallen in love. They should learn to consider more factors. Claiming to fall in love due to chatting is very risky really.

One risk is that the other person may not really be what he or she claims to be. It is just an image that he or she would want him to be. That was more the case especially before, but now thanks to web cams they have helped a bit. The web cams are able to help you see and make a gut instinct whether the person is just fooling you.

Despite of the risk, why do people still fall in love due to chatting? This is because this people who fall in love here want to fall in love. So they instead create an image of what they would expect and would be continually looking for the perfect one through chatting. When they seem to have a great chemistry through chatting, they may claim that they have fallen in love.

Finding a perfect match through just chat or online dating sites are quite risky. So try to take your time when you have found a person that’s great to talk to online. Real life is not like the movies where things always end in happy endings. In fact, your online relationship might even end up like a suspense story. Be smart and be wise.

However, not all people who fall in love through online dates and chats could end up badly. There are also rare cases where things do eventually work out. Just a piece of advice though, get to know the person really really well. If it’s possible meet first and have actual dates before deciding of that person is really the one.

Pros and Cons of Finding Love Online

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