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that it is too classic, Volkswagen

Later, I learned from a colleague in a company about the platform of the Renren car, which is said to be a good platform for buying and selling used car platforms. The word of mouth and service are still very satisfying. So I am ready to try this platform.

So after I selected the platform, I started to select the specific car through the official website of the platform. When I selected the car, I conducted detailed analysis and screening through the model subscription function and screening function in the official website. Finally, based on the screening results. I took a fancy to a 2015 Volkswagen-Langxing 1.6L automatic fashion model, the owner quoted: 83,000, the card: 2016-9-21, the age of the car: 2 years, mileage: 23,400 kilometers.



After choosing a good car, I made an appointment to watch the car through the customer service of the platform. When I went to see the car in the place, the staff who took the car were very nice, introduced the car, then helped the car, and told me some accidents. The basic knowledge of the car, when I looked at it, I was moved. Then the owner introduced me to the basic situation of the car. Then the staff gave me the test results of the car at the initial inspection. Finally, I also got on the car. A test drive experience was conducted. In this way, I am still satisfied with the overall situation of the car through the inspection, so I am going to talk about the price with the owner.

When I talked about the price specifically, I communicated face-to-face with the owner of the car, and the two sides repeatedly communicated the price issue. The whole process was still relatively smooth, and finally we settled 80,000 transactions based on the results of the consultation.

At this point, the entire transfer ended, and I joined the traffic jam army later.

Netizens explained

@: The reason why I chose Lang Lang is that the appearance attracted me. Bauhaus design aesthetic model, simple and exquisite, the proportion of the line is beautiful, the overall sense is strong, unlike some models, some special cool and cool, I chose the color of the ambiguous, sporty, but not restrained and restrained, more in line with my Aesthetic.

@: The interior is a simple and bright style, unified with the appearance, and the workmanship is relatively refined. However, the plastic material is too strong, and the hard plastic is used more. Although it seems that the surface texture is good, it is best not to touch it by hand. The touch is really cheap.

@: The space is relatively large, and my height of 175cm will not feel depressed at first. I feel that the car in the same class is very good. The trunk is very large and regular, plus the rear row can be put down, the loading capacity is strong, I feel that the trunk can lie two people have problems.

@:Comfortable version, basic functions are complete, no one button to start, start and stop, etc.

@: 1.2 tons of self-weight, 1.4t power is absolutely enough. When the green light starts, a little throttle will go forward. With 5 people loaded, there is no pressure to overtake.

@: I am a novice, I have not opened other cars, but I feel good. The steering wheel is very comfortable and easy to use. It is very fast to open up. It is smooth and smooth when turning around. The hatchback should be more maneuverable than the three-box LaVida. Some people worry about instability in the GSD transmission. I think it is quite good. The shifting speed is fast and smooth. The brakes may take a long stroke, are heavy, and sometimes have to be stepped deeper.

@: I haven’t had a running-in period yet. Now I am commuting in the city, there are many traffic jams, and I have a lot of speed. Sometimes it is 9 oils, and the instantaneous fuel consumption is occasionally more than 20. The average fuel consumption is still 12. This car should be very fuel efficient, after all, small displacement, engine and gearbox coordination is also in place. As for the fuel-saving driving skills, I have to practice more research.


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