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Classic that cannot be copied – BMW series 2 !

In 2013, the German manufacturer introduced a new series of cars – the BMW 2 Series Coupé 2018. This model replaced the first coupe and coupe, while its main competitors are the Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz. CLA. In 2012, BMW presented the BMW Active Tourer hybrid. The model has an engine capacity of 1.5 litres. The engine design itself is amazing, or rather the number of them is 2: a gasoline engine with a turbocharged engine and a synchronous motor with a lithium-ion battery. The model is designed with LED lights on both sides and rear panels, built-in door handles, 20-inch wheels and a multi-function display. If you prefer, you can enjoy the view from the panoramic sunroof of the car.

In 2013, the concept of a slightly improved version of the BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor was introduced. The main difference from the previous concept is the body color, the interior leather upholstery and the transport system of the two bicycles. In 2014, it entered mass production in two models: Coupe and Active Tourer. The car is made from gasoline and diesel engines.

The Coupe and Active Tourer models are available with two types of engines: diesel and petrol. Gasoline engines are characterized by capacities from 1.5 liters and 136 hp to 3.0 liters and 326 hp. Diesel engines are weak in this respect, ranging from 143 horsepower to 218 horsepower, and are only 2 liters in size, regardless of power.

Combined with a petrol or diesel engine, a 6-speed manual or 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission can be installed. This automatic transmission is characterized in that it uses high precision in selecting a gear ratio. Due to this accuracy, fuel consumption of up to 6.3 liters is reduced in the combined cycle and engine noise levels are reduced.



Thanks to the start-up control of the automatic transmission of the BMW 2 Series Coupé, you can feel the real racing car. To do this, you need to press the DSC button, set the selector to the “S” position, press the brake, and then step the accelerator pedal to “Kickdown”. Once the brakes are released, you will be able to experience the real start of the car. No matter which type of engine you choose, the unique engine of its kind will make BMW a leader in this field.

The exterior surfaces and lines provide some introduction to the sporty interior design. Due to the L-shaped taillights and horizontal lines, the car looks wider than it actually is. For more streamlined car contours, it is used on the hood, while large air intakes are quite ignorant of flow.

The focus of anyone is the headlights. Due to the leading edge of the glossy chrome finish, a certain depth effect is produced and the chrome edge of the grille only enhances the image. Taillights with wide red LEDs are also of interest during the day and night. In addition, the sporty image of the model fits perfectly with the spoiler at the rear of the car. In addition to visual effects, high-speed spoilers also reduce the lift of the rear axle.



According to the interior design created, the driver seems to be the focus of attention. All equipment and consoles should be located within the driver’s field of view. By using frameless windows, nothing is more difficult than viewing the driver.

The interior is exquisite and full of taste, and the company style is no problem. Using absolutely different materials, from the simplest to the most expensive, requires additional costs. The driver gets an excellent 3-spoke steering wheel with buttons for controlling the multimedia system and answering calls. Yes, this model has Bluetooth capability and can talk over the phone. The dashboard is simple, but its design is well thought out and it looks great. It is analog to large appliances and onboard computers.




Going to the comments on the BMW 2 Series Coupe 2018 console, you immediately turn your attention to the large display of the multimedia system and fold it at the same time. The monitor doesn’t look like a built-in tablet, other manufacturers think of it, it looks succinct as if it should be there. The following are many of the different keys to multimedia and climate control. The multimedia system management body (buttons and washers) is located near the gearbox selector. There are also two cup holders and a cigarette lighter nearby.

The front seats are sporty, with good lateral support and standard heating. There is still power. Since this is a Coupé, there is a button near the front seat head that folds into the back row. The rear row is equipped with a sofa, based on documents prepared for only 2 passengers, although it can accommodate a third person. At the same time, these passengers are unlikely to be comfortable there, because there is not so much space, there is a handrail between them, which can lead to the suitcase. The trunk itself is not bad for this type of fuselage. It is 390 liters in size. You can also fold the back and add this volume a few times, but you won’t get a flat floor here. Regarding the handling of the car, it is similar to the BMW Z4 M Roadster. The Coupe e82 stands firmly on the wide wheel. The meter measures 1541 mm and is wider than the BMW M3. Front and rear suspensions are independent and springs. Disc brakes are ventilated. The car responds neutrally and calmly to all the shortcomings of asphalt. Only shallow holes with sharp edges are not overlooked and they cause a slight tap. Generally, automobiles and coatings of different types of asphalt have a fairly good adhesion and smoothly enter the crucible. Many test drives have proven that even in bad weather conditions, such as rain, cars can be consistent and decent on the road.

The design of the suspension is also good. It is an adaptive suspension M. Its electronically controlled shock absorbers will quickly adapt to your driving style and road conditions. This setting can be activated using the drive mode switch. In addition to this function, the suspension itself is also reduced by 10 mm, thus achieving additional maneuverability. When you choose the sport mode, you can activate the more powerful damper settings, and in the Sport + mode, you can feel the real car. This car is definitely worthy of attention. Its outstanding design and outstanding features will help you to make an impression in any company. This model is best bought by business people, although young people can arrange good matches on Coupe.

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