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Which is better for Tatsu and Sylphy?

Which is better for Tatsu and Sylphy?


[Pacific Auto Network] Although the car is in the same price range, but the market positioning is different, the space of Tatsuda is better, the configuration of Sylphy is more abundant, the most obvious difference in space, the front and rear rows of Sylphy, the head space is not Very good, the rear leg room is also very cramped, but the interior design style, it looks younger and more stylish, noise reduction and noise reduction is quite in place.

Xinxuan is a very distinctive home A-class car . His biggest advantage is space and ride comfort. Its sense of control is better than the classic, but it is still very poor! ! Space Xinxuan is slightly more backward than the classic in the vertical and head, but the width is increased and the proportion of the body is more coordinated. Xinxuan’s body steel has a certain improvement than the classic, passive safety is also slightly improved, and the interior configuration is more abundant, but unfortunately the classic shell seat has been cancelled. New controls such as fuel-saving keys have been added to further improve fuel consumption . The power output of the 1.8 model and the mute of the medium and high speed engines are all better than 1.6.
The new Tiida actually A0 -level models, but to enter China because of its excellent performance has been locked space Class A do not car rivals. Configuration, space, comfort are very good, fuel consumption is also very low, although it is a hatchback, but the control is not much better than the sylphy, the rear suspension is more tilting.
The characteristics of these two Nissan cars are comfortable, and the mid- and low-speed mute are very distinctive, but the control is far less than the opponent. Maintenance costs of the two 1.6 models are very small, 1.8 Xuan Yi slightly higher, but in the same level is also within the normal range. The accessories Xinxuan is slightly higher.

Xuanyi pays more attention to comfort and the first choice for family cars; while Minda pays more attention to performance. Mainly depends on what style you like.


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